Transportation Made Better For Senior Citizens in Redlands

Senior citizens always face transportation problem due to age limitations. The fragile body, weak eyesight, and a number of diseases make them dependent on other people in many ways, especially traveling.

Wrong traveling options for Senior Citizens

Old people cannot drive cars as it can be quite risky considering their health condition. On the other hand, public transports are also not a good option for senior citizens. Buses and trains can be late from time to time, leaving people with a single option to wait at terminals which is not possible for weak oldies. Public transports are also much crowded and finding a place to sit is like once in a blue moon. Such a suffocating and the uncomfortable environment are not appropriate for senior citizens at all.

Non-Emergency transportation

Fortunately, non-emergency transportation in Redlands has turned the tables pretty impressively. This new transportation facility is allowing senior citizens to travel comfortably without relying on anybody.

Non-emergency transportation is different from emergency ambulances that provide immediate medical assistance to patients in critical conditions. Non-emergency transportation, on the other hand, can be used in normal situations when people need to get to the hospital for important appointments and checkups.

Vehicles used for non-emergency transportation are specially designed according to the needs of senior citizens and disabled individuals. They contain a proper space for a wheelchair to settle in and sufficient seating for others. Chauffeured by professional drivers, non-emergency transports are well equipped with important medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders and painkillers. Every vehicle is operated by a trained paramedic to enhance the onboard experience of senior citizens and disabled people.

NEMT for any occasion

It is a misconception that NEMT only provides rides to medical centers. This transportation facility can be used by old people and disabled individuals to get to any place. Senior citizens and disabled people require comfortable rides and additional help to board the vehicles. Considering this scenario, NEMT services have made available for all sorts of occasions. Now oldies don’t have to depend on anybody and simply schedule their ride to enjoy comfortable traveling.

Benefits of non-emergency transportation in Redlands

  • NEMT has made senior citizens independent in the terms of traveling. Now they can travel to anywhere they want without consulting anybody else. They don’t need a favor from family members anymore in the terms of conveyance.
  • Non-emergency transportation is very easy to schedule. Using the official website or phone numbers, senior citizens can book the ride from the comfort of their home.
  • The staff for non-emergency transportation is very friendly and cooperative. They help the fragile and weak old people to board the bus easily.
  • Senior citizens who are confined to their wheelchairs can now easily board the non-emergency vehicle. They don’t have to leave their wheelchair behind as there is a proper place on board to settle in.

Non-emergency transportation in Redlands has made traveling for senior citizens more comfortable. Bow they can travel to any corner of the city conveniently without depending on anybody else.


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